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We base our counseling to Clients on the consciousness that a well-drafted contract may avoid future controversies relating to licensing, research and development, confidentiality, supply, etc. We pre p a re and provide counsel on contracts under the European, Italian and international law.

Our services also include:

  • Licensing agreements for patents and know-how.
  • Agreements for exchange or purchase of technology or for technical cooperation.
  • Licensing and assignment agreements for trademarks.
  • Licensing and assignment agreements for designs or models.
  • Intellectual Property transfer and licensing.
  • Industrial secret agreements.
  • Acquisition of patents, trademarks, designs or models, knowhow and technology.
  • Research and development agreements.
  • Management and checking of patent and model titles for maintenance and renewal, both automatically, under a subscription system, and non-automatically.
  • Creation and customization of ERP software, application management, web solutions, system integration, web outsourcing.
  • Confidentiality and secrecy policies.
  • Employment agreements for personnel in charge of research and innovation, consulting agreements.
  • Assistance in defining a Company policy intended to innovate and to improve Company know-how, and to protect and defend it.
  • Assistance in the organization of a Company service of administrative management, both fiscal and financial.
  • Company training courses for technical and technical-commercial personnel in our specialized subjects.
  • Technical and legal translations in the main international languages.
  • General and specific publications, also in booklet form.
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