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DADA: Servizi aziendali


DADA distinguishes itself by its great mobility. Although our head office is situated in Udine, Italy, at the heart of Central Europe, DADA is able, either directly or by means of the connections it has developed, to serve Clients on an international basis.
Our main collaborators are GLP, which is specialized in industrial law, and Kivial, specialised in registering and protecting domain names and in the management of IT systems.
DADA's internal organization is intended mainly for four types of service.
Its traditional service is contract-management, both national and international, with particular attention to contracts concerning industrial property.
Another service offered by DADA is management and checking of patents and models for their maintenance and renewals.
DADA also provides fiscal and financial management to third parties, with particular attention to Italian problems.
Moreover, our Company provides highly qualified and professional translations. This activity, although not immediately connected with the others, allows DADA to supply a complete service, with particular reference to the international activities commissioned by our Clients.
Finally, for some of the activities we perform, DADA deals with publications, both general and specific, for third parties too, so as to provide accurate and continuous information.
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